ITS OFFICIAL + WE ARE IN THE NEWS! Featured in Daily Mail & BBC

by Nicole Bilinsky on January 21, 2021

Some pretty super pumped peeps lurked the halls of the House a week or so back...


Well we got featured in an article that went around the world - in the BBC and Daily Mail.

What did it say?

You can read it via the link below.

But I feel awks because well... its all about..well… ME.

And when I read the title, I actually laughed.

So the title says that House Of Vimm is worth TWO MILLION DOLLARS?!!!

So now peeps be thinking like Im rolling around with gold chains and shizz.

But the truth is, since we launched properly over 15 months ago, it has been a ride I probably would only tell somebody who is INSANE to go on.

I must say I barely have $2 in my own bank account.

Every single dime that I have had went back into this House, this baby of mine and it nearly killed me several times over.

In the first year, I worked around the clock on my own and pretty much killed my marriage.

It was like I was having an affair with House Of Vimm.

It was all I could think about.

I lived it, breathed it and believed in it, even when I was 5k in debt and couldn’t pay for childcare.

I didn’t pay myself for over a year.

I put all our savings into making it grow because I saw something.

And it was amazing.

Beyond skincare.

And I learnt to truly believe in that gut feeling and follow it.

Every Day.

And here I am.

Truly living my purpose.

With five beautiful soul sistas by my side, I can finally breathe again and try and mend the things I neglected.

Truly, starting a business is effing hard.                 

It still is.

Most fail.

And most women never see a business make a million dollars. Its about 3% of men and women!

And often I play down my achievements.


But as women, we need to sing them from the rooftop and celebrate each and every one, no matter how big or small.

Its time.

And this one.

Deserves a champers.

And a cheers to you, my beautiful tribe, for you carried me in my darkest days and drove me out from under the doona when I needed it the most.

So much love,

Cole x

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