by Amber Lear on August 30, 2020

When it comes to phones, i just can never seem to keep a phone in good working order for very long.

And i lie to myself everytime i get a new phone.

"I promise to look after your and put a good case on you"


Im in the store looking at the phone cases. $99 for this ugly brick looking phone case? 

No thanks.

I will order one online.

But the thing is, i forget to actually order one.

And i don't remember i need one until...

You guessed it! 

Another smashed phone.

And i repeat this process,


So anyways, funny story actually.

My phone has had cracks for agessss..

Like, im talking full smashed. Lol.

But i keep on using it like nothings wrong.

And i have this bad habit of putting my big ass iphone max in my back pocket.

Do you know what happens to that big phone, in such a small pocket when you pull your pants down to use the toilet lol?

It falls out.

Usually, onto the tiles to add more cracks. 

But this time, into the toilet bowl it went.

I thought, fuckkkkk... it has cracks this isnt going to be good.

Realistically it should have shit itself in their (LOL - actually laughing out louad at myself right now)

But anyways, i salvaged it. 

And it worked fine but my speaker didn't work properly for a few days.

I mean the speaker worked, but it was much quieter than it usually is.

Struggling to hear people on the phone kind of thing.

But for whatever reason not once did it cross my mind did i need a new phone lol.

I was happy to power along, smashed screen, fucked speaker.

But i was chatting to Cole on the phone today.

And i think the universe heard me lol.

Like, i actually called in a new phone by accident.

I was telling her about how i dropped my phone in the toilet last week and how it fucked my speaker.

The universe thought..

Shit, better get this bitch a new phone lol.

You wanna know why i think this?

Because a few hours after that phone call, 

My phone actually did shit itself.

LED fluro green and white vertical lines all through the screen.

So now, im forced to get a new phone tomorrow.

I hope the universe is paying for the new phone too LOL.

But this time, ive already started my phone case purchase journey online. If i purchase before i have the phone, i should be safe right?

And i have found some pretty fancy toilet-proof cases. Lol.

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