How I learnt to LOVE myself again without the mum guilt.

by Amber Lear on September 18, 2020

CALLING ALL MUMS - Take time out for yourself. Here’s why.. 

Those kids drain every ounce of energy we have.

Once they are born into the world - everything we do everyday suddenly revolves around them.

And we let our selves fall through the cracks.

Hair appointment? Lucky if we get it once a year.

Nails? Nope, not happening.

Facial? Definitely no time for that!

Massage? Wow I’d love to but ummm... when?

So here’s the thing.

After kids we start to find luxury in the little things, Like showering alone or doing a grocery shop by yourself.

And this pisses me off.

Every time I see one of those memes - saying how to feels like a holiday to go to the toilet alone or clean the house in peace and quiet.

What the EFF?

When did basic hygiene and household chores become an effing luxury?

I am NOT okay with this.

In fact - while yes it s a bit of a laugh for us, NO WE SHOULD NOT BE MADE TO CONSIDER WASHING OUR HAIR ALONE IS A BREAK.

Cleaning our house alone IS NOT A BREAK.


Yes, it does feel good to do these things without your little energy sucking human following you around, But no it should NOT be considered our break.

Everyone has to do these things - so why is it when a mum does these things we consider it a break?

We deserve a REAL break - just like everyone else.

We deserve self care just as much as we did before we had babies.

And infact - you should be scheduling atleast 30 minutes for yourself every day.

Not to clean the effing house.

But to do something you actually WANT TO DO.

You don’t have to leave the house for it.

You can self care at home with a face mask and a good book.

You can self care by going for a walk to clear your mind.

Or - if your feeling extra spesh, rearrange your budget and book something in for yourself once a week.

Because do you remember how good it feels to walk out of a 1 hour relaxation massage?

And you know what?

When I implemented real self care into my daily schedule I actually became a better mum.

The perfect mum is not the one that has it all together - it’s the happy one.

I find I have so much more patience when I look after myself. It’s rejuvenating.

And then, I can actually enjoy the time I spend with them because I don’t feel as stressed or snappy.

So my message today is this, Don’t loose yourself taking care of someone else.

Yes - our children are totally dependent on us, But they also benefit from time away from us too.

So make sure you work out a way to clear some time in your diary each day to do something for yourself.

This is a life changing practice and I encourage all mothers to let go of the guilt and learn to love themselves again.

Self care is not selfish, its necessary for your mental health.

Self care at home in less than 60 seconds with our simple, luxury 24K skincare,

You deserve too.

So much love today & everyday,

The Team x

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