I had the skin on my face sorted.. but what about the skin below my neck?

by Amber Lear on September 08, 2020

When it comes to skincare what’s the first thing to come to mind?


I bet your thinking about things for your face..


And while you might have a skincare routine for your face... do you have one for the rest of your skin below your neck?


It got me thinking recently, how all these years I’ve been so focused on fixing the wrinkles appearing on my face, but it never really crossed my mind until recently that my skin covers my whole body.


I started picturing myself with this nice young looking face and wrinkly from the neck down.




If your in for a good laugh, just picture it! 😂


And I realised, why is it we only care what we look like from our neck up?


It’s like everything down below doesn’t really matter.


And with our new (UHH-MAZING) anti aging body moisturiser coming soon, I just want to put some perspective on why it’s just as important to look after ALL of your skin.


So first, as mentioned above, it’s going o look really funny if you have this nice, tight and glowing face with wrinkly, dull skin covering everywhere else from the neck down.


We don’t want that lol.


I was looking at my legs a few months back,


And was pretty horrified with the sight of them.


I was like a SCALY fish lol!


Like crocodile legs 😂


And once I noticed what my legs looked like, I started noticing everyone’s legs around me.


I would be in the shops, just looking at everyone’s legs to see if they too.. have crocodile scales.


I remember noticing this one lady.


Her skin looked soooo silky soft.


Almost like a baby’s bum!


From legs up, her skin was clear, plumped and she had an overall glow.




She actually looked incredible, like some form of soft angel with buttery skin.


And it hit me.


Your body actually does matter, and seeing someone with silky smooth legs is all I needed to confirm it.


I then dove deep into research.


Did you know that skin is actually the LARGEST organ on our body?


So, here at HOV, we’ve covered the skin on your face.. and we are just about to cover the rest of the skin on your body too!


And did you know your chest is susceptible to collagen breakdown - causing wrinkles and lines much sooner. This is from multiple factors, like the way you sleep, wearing a bra and sun damage.


Well let me just say, your cleavage crinkles are sorted with our new anti ageing moisturiser, which will be dropping soon!


We were even tempted to call it “safe to look down cream” LOL.


Got questions? Ask away.


So much love,


The team xx


PS. Stay tuned!! People go crayyy over our new product releases!! Keep an extra close eye on us!

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