by Amber Lear on August 31, 2020
I got your attention didn’t I?
Meal automation.
Your probably thinking - WTF is that?
And your also probably thinking - whatever this is I NEED IT IN MY LIFE.
I know this because choosing what to have for dinner and having to go out and buy ingredients before cooking is just too much brain work for me.
And I’m sure it is for you, too.
It is, and always has been one of the hardest tasks of the day.
The choosing part.
Waste of my TIME!
I always spend hours trying to decide what to have for dinner,
So much so that my family and I pretty much lived off takeaway.
Cue - bad mum lol. (quietly putting my palm to my forehead)
But anytime I did DECIDE - well I’d forget an important ingredient from the shop and it’d taste like pure crap that no one would eat - again WASTE OF MY TIME!
Day in, day out. Constant battle over what the fuck to have for dinner and then buying the ingredients and working out how to cook it.
If I’m being honest - it’s not my jam.
It hurts my soul and makes me frustrated.
I just want to EAT GOOD FOOD.
And! I want to feel good after I eat it.
But I don’t want to have to go through this constant battle over what to eat and how to cook.
Maccas just doesn’t cut it. Always make me feel like pure CRAP! (Most likely because it is CRAP)
I wanted to gain something from my food.
You know.. fill my body with GOOD shit!
Without the thought process.
My family can never decide. We go back and fourth, back and fourth until we decide MACCAS IT IS. (or pizza delivery)
Until i got tired of it.
I could FEEL my energy draining.
I have always heard of HelloFresh and the other meal plans on the net.
But for whatever reason I had it in my head that these were pre cooked meals labelled as “fresh”.
And I have this phobia I developed early on and I just can’t stomach leftovers, or food that I don’t know when it was cooked or how.
So it took me a while, but a friend gave me a code for a free box of HelloFresh and I thought WHY THE EFF NOT.
So I tried it.
And omg.
It’s NOT what I thought it was -
Basically, I chose the 3 meal per week plan. I figured this is what would work best for my family.
When it came - I was GOBSMACKED.
I might be a bit behind the times but did you know that hello fresh don’t send pre cooked meals?
It’s actually all fresh, ready ingredients, equally proportioned and separated into individual meal bags ready to go.
Fresh food ready to cook by ME.
Life changing.
So now, not only do I no longer have to CHOOSE what to have for dinner -
thought process illuminated - (insert jumping and celebration here)
But I also don’t have to shop for ingredients or work out how to cook.
Each meal comes with the ingredients needed, and a recipe/instruction card giving you step by step instructions on how to cook.
EASY, FRESH and pretty much exactly what I needed without knowing I needed it.
So much TIME saved!
And my biggest concern was “what if the kids or my partner don’t like this food”
And I’m actually pleasantly surprised that they all LOVE it.
Want to try yourself?

Follow the link here


Thank me later!
So much love,
The (crazy mum) team @ House Of Vimm x
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