by Amber Lear on July 29, 2020

No, Seriously.

House of Vimm was born off creating a simple skincare routine which replaces - cleansing, exfoliating, toning, serum, moisturiser etc etc. 

Our duo will replace all of those products in a simple 60 second treatment per day. 

As mums, we all know how hard it is to even have a shower in piece. We simply don’t have the time (or effort it requires), to be doing a multiple step skincare routine. 

You start out well, but with life getting in the way you often start to miss out steps or forget your skincare routine all together and go to bed with your makeup on because you fell asleep laying down with your 2 year old, lol.

Everything is way to complicated and time consuming. 


So how does it work? How is it possible for you to have flawless skin in less time it takes to make a cup of coffee? 

Our duo contains our 2 best-selling luxury 24k gold exfoliants. 

Our Polish is so good it only needs to be used once a week. Literally, and if you forget your skincare routine for a day or two - this baby will instantly bring back your glow. All you do is wet your face, massage in for 60 seconds - then rinse!

The polish is a deep scrub, to get rid of impurities, minimise pores and restore lost collagen in your skin. The inclusion of gold opens up your dermis so all of the good stuff can penetrate deeply, providing instant results. With aloe Vera to rescue any inflammation, get ready for compliments - ALOT OF THEM! 

When you are not using the polish, you use the gel. 

The gel is a gentle exfoliant which will hydrate your skin, protect it free from radicals and keep your skin young and glowing. It is used in the same way the polish is used, wet your face, massage in for one minute then rinse. If you have the time, and your skin is feeling extra dry, you can apply the gel to a dry face and leave on for 5-10 minutes for a super hydration boost.

Then apply minimal makeup (or not) for a flawless, compliment worthy complexion.

To finish, we like to play a game called “find your pores”. We always lose!

Follow with a few drops of our super power serum to enhance your results - our serum is like a multi vitamin for your skin!

If your seeking flawless, simple, easy, life changing beauty - your in the right place and we are so thrilled to have you here! 


So much love,

The team @ house of vimm. 

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