Reporting Live from the Cole-Face.

by Amber Lear on August 12, 2020

Hi ,

Happy Wednesday. 

i hope you are all staying safe out there.

I am seriously about to lose my shit here.

Have you noticed that the security has been upped to allow you to get into things in the land of the internet? 

So my email has been driving me crazy.

And paypal too.

To get into it I have to identify traffic lights, mountains, parking metres - you name it. 

Sometime it tells you to press until there are none left. 

Sometimes I press the parking metres instead of the traffic lights.

When it asks me to find the bridges, it all looks like lumps of concrete and I want to throw my phone against the wall. 

But Monday - it went NEK LEVEL. 

My email decided I was SO BAD at finding said traffic lights/bridges/mountains that it now requires me to listen to a recording and type what the recording says. 

The voice has a funny accent and OMG. I have NO IDEA what it says. 

Anyways, I take it that for whatever reason, I was not meant to send any emails for the last few days. 

Today, no voice recording. 

Just some parking metres. 

Nailed it.

And here I am. 

And I think especially during this crazy lockdown, that things can feel extra frustrating, more than normal. 

But yesterday, I was overcome with emotions. 

I went for a walk with my daughter. 

And I realised that I had been avoiding doing this, mainly because if my head is in the business, working and with you guys then I don't have to face the reality of the world, Melbourne, as it is right now. 

But as I was standing out the front of the cafe, waiting for my latte, I looked around at the masked faces around me.

And I became overwhelmed with emotion. 

I felt a tear come down the only part of my face people could actually see anymore. 

I felt the pain for my freedom.

For everybody's freedom. 

For those businesses who are suffering out there.

For my business. 

Will we survive this? 

Great. maybe we avoid COVID. 

But are the other impacts here? 

Emotionally, I mean. 

And here in Melbourne, blame for this whole outbreak here is being levelled onto the security guards at the hotel quarantine ground zero. 

Now the real truth comes out. 

Somebody committed suicide in one of the hotel rooms. 

And the security guards were so concerned about the people locked in their hotel rooms, that they did what they did. 

It puts a very different perspective on things...

And I am fucking tough as nails. 

In these types of situations, I rise up. 

And fight. 

But when it starts getting to me, I start really getting worried for my community, for you, if you are here with me in Melbourne or in lockdown anywhere in the world right now. 

And what I want you to know is that I am here. My team, we are all here for you. Right beside you. Always. 

We have email, and a phone number

Oh and we have GOLD TOO! 

Literally all the things that we know will lift your mood. So reach out. 

And if you don't want to chat, buy GOLD. 

I have to say that during this lockdown my skin has never looked better! *mainly because I have actually been using HOV every day. 

Yes, call me lazy, busy, I don't mind. 

But now that I am loving my skin sick again, it is one thing that is giving me a pep up! 

Self care is vital right now. ESSENTIAL. We recommend our Bundle Me Up! Feels like Christmas when it arrives! 

Do what YOU need to do for YOU first. 

There is no excuse. 

Stay safe, 

Love Cole and the team at House Of Vimm

Here is the link for our Bundle Babe. https://houseofvimm.com/collections/best-sellers/products/shine-bright-bundle


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