Mine did.

For about two years.

I never recorded exactly how much I threw down the soul-less hole hoping for JUST.ONE.SALE.

I don’t want to know.

And I never told my Husband.

I figure that if I don’t know the amount, then, well, I can convince myself that it wasn’t THAT much.

Like…maybe…over the course of two years…only a few dollars (or over $10,000).

And here is the totally fucked thing.

I always thought the next thing I did would be THE THING.
Like a funnel.

Or a tweak.

Or a new ad.

I would get a little taste of the sound of the cash register.

One sale here and there to keep me in the game.

To keep me coming back because that next dollar could be THE BIG TIME BABY!!!

It might mean a real business, a brand, more money than I could ever dream of and time that I can own.

Because frankly I was over working for somebody else, making them rich, whilst I just wasted whatever I had left over from the shitty wage I was paid on Ads that clearly DID NOT WORK.

It was like I was hypnotised or something.

Like a zombie lady of the internet.


Praying on our hopes of dreams of getting to that dream space where we are free to travel the world with out laptops and rent out million dollar villas with our own chef.

And you know what, there is nothing wrong with dreaming the big dream baby.

Because if you see it -

Guess what?

It’s there for you.


You just need to take action.

And by action, I mean aligned action.

You know that feeling in the pit of your stomach that JUST FEELS RIGHT.


Because you chose this.

It is waiting for you.

And that gut feeling, that idea that is knocking on you…it’s telling you what to do next.



And back yourself. Full Trust. All In or All Out Baby.

Trust that if you follow that gut feeling, every step of the way that your dream life is already waiting for you.

Waiting for you to walk away from the things you know are not right anymore.

That job that makes you feel tired and takes up every inch of energy you have.

Throwing money at ads that are not working.

You know it.

That feeling, right?

Deep down.

You know that what you are doing now will NEVER get you to YOUR DREAMS.

And if you look around, most of us just accept that it should be this way,

Typical 9-5, slave to wage, never free and always scraping the bottom of the barrel of life to even remotely imagine a villa with your own chef.

So I want to ask you this.

When are you going to take the action that you feel inside of you?

Step up to your dreams.

They are waiting for you to do something.

I am living my dream life RIGHT NOW and my company is only 15 months in.


Because I stepped up to the fear, stopped making excuses and just fucking decided.

You know you have decided too.

You can see it and you have brought it too life.

But somehow its sucking the life out of you, the money and that fear is creeping back in.

What if?

Oh well. If it doesn’t work I always have my current career that I hate. YAY FOR LIFE.

I was there.

And I can still remember the day it all changed.

When my soul tapped me on the should and said – “excuse me – you have no fucking idea what you are doing”..

And it was like a lightbulb went off.

Which led to my response – “OK. I admit it. I have wasted thousands of dollars and I am ready to admit I have no fucking idea what I am doing… probably get a Divorce…but… what now?”



Guess what?

You have already decided. Your success is written for you.

You know what to do.

Just listen to your soul.

PPS. If you are truly stuck – I have been running some epic strategy sessions with some bad ass business ladies this week. And the energy around here is next level. Dreams Reinvigorated. So if you want me to take a look at your ad account, website, socials and we can set up a recorded zoom meeting – I will un-stick you from this rut so you can lean into that feeling of hearing the cash register and not the poker machine. It’s time. Maybe there is a reason you are reading this. Hit me up on the DM, or via email to

Nicci x

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