Tuesday is my favourite day.

It's PAY DAY. 

And ofcourse, I am on it - it is my job to make sure all the expenses are covered and projected for the next week/month/year.

Does the thought of this freak you out? 


It used to freak me out too. 


And funnily enough, when I figure out the key to managing my money mindset, it fixed SO MANY issues with cash and money and savings in my personal life and then ofcourse in my business. 

It went back to my child hood. 

So I am going to blame my parents for this one. 

We were told to SAVE SAVE SAVE.

And just keep it in the bank. 

Do you remember those Dolarmites things? 

Do you still have that money?


I was in the perpetual cycle of always just having enough money but never much more than that. 

It didn't matter how much I made, it just disappeared. 

And the more I wanted it, the less of it came to me. 

The scarcity mindset. 

Dating back to our childhood when we were taught to save leftovers from dinner or that we must eat allll of our dinner like we would never get any more food.

Do you still save left overs in the fridge for a week then throw them out? 

Then you are a VICTIM too!! 

And if you are feeling stuck with money then it will always be the same unless you start shifting how you think about it and then take some daily actions around growing sales and wealth.

It's actually not that hard.

When it clicked for me I was like - OMG. 


So that is why I have set up a seven days to money mindset training for you.

I WISH I had of known this stuff sooner. 

It costs me thousands to learn it but it has made me even more. 

If you want in, I have opened up exclusive access NOW. 

What will it involve? 

Seven Days of hardcore mindset shifting and a call with me ONE ON ONE to move you you and your money and business to makin'the money honey. 

You can't afford not to jump on this. 

Given I am running my House Of Vimm empire, I can only do limited ONE ON ONE calls so I have FIVE SPOTS ONLY.

Cost is $399.

All you need to do is send an email to my PA Mary - and ask her to save you a spot.


Nicci x

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