Brighter more radiant looking skin in only 60 seconds or we will refund your money.

You might be thinking - Why would we do this? Are we crazy?

Maybe. Probably. YES.

But it’s quite simple really.

It works.

You will become hooked with your best looking skin.

You will spend an extra minute or two in the bathroom, just looking at it, trying to find those pores that have disappeared. Noticing those lines decreasing. Wanting to take a bath in Gold.

You will literally wonder what you ever did without it.

You can throw out your cleanser, toner and scrubs – I don’t even use moisturiser.

Go and get them and put them in the bin because you won’t ever want to use anything else.

We are THAT confident that you will see brighter, more radiant skin and start getting compliments, that you will join the hoards of women who are rating us as 5 star on a weekly basis.

This is the reason why we sold out in the first three weeks of launching and we have been interviewed by Facebook to be featured on their business page.

Did you get the Memo? Simple skin care is in and it saves you cash.

The sad part is, most gold products are super expensive and not accessible to the non celebrity. I remember reading an article about the Angels backstage using a 24k Gold Mask which cost over $300. Just ONE Mask. And despite the benefits, the big guys just don’t want to sell it, because the profit margin isn’t there.

Would you pay less than $1 per day to get your confidence back?

That is ¼ of your take away coffee each day.

Your coffee may keep you awake, but our skincare will make you look like you have had a full night sleep. Totally priceless.


And remember, if you don’t see brighter, more radiant skin after the first use, just email us and we will refund your money. We won’t even ask you to waste your precious time sending it back to us – like really – what are we going to do with it? Its clear companies only do this as a barrier to actually giving you the refund. We are not them.


For the huge amount of our products that have sold, we have had only six requests for a refund.

We started this company so that women everywhere can love their skin again.

We are willing to take the risk for you as life is not all about money.

AND We are a Melbourne based company, with an actual phone number. We are not from China.

You can call us anytime, or chat to us about your skin needs or the weather.

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